Curatrix is a Wholesale provider of Unlimited Voice and Text SIMs, we work with Vodafone, o2 and EE to deliver business mobiles in Hampshire that provide a simple, cost-effective and easy to manage mobile fleet that bundles Data and backdates bolt-ons to avoid surprising customers with a large bill at the end of the month.

With Curatrix Mobile, you have full control, partial control or a fully managed service. Our support offices, providing business mobiles in Hampshire are available 24 hours a day with resolution times provided frequently. You will be notified about mobiles coming up to their allowed usage, mitigating the chance of ‘overage’

Our Portal is connected to the Vodafone and o2 networks, meaning that when you make a change to a SIM, it is made directly with the network.

Unlimited Voice and Texts
Business Mobile.

Wholesale provider of Unlimited Voice and Text SIMs,
we work with Vodafone, 02 and EE to deliver business mobiles


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Whats included with Curatrix Business Mobiles?

Vodafone or O2 SIM


Unlimited UK and On-Network Calls


Unlimited Texts


50 Minutes to International Zones


Access to a Shared Data Pool


Spend Limit with Pre-Authorisation


Setup and Configuration


Direct Network Provisioning


Unlimited Business Hours End User Support


Optional Monthly Contract


All Our plans include

No Contracted
Bundle Size
Pay for what your
business uses
5 Star Service
& Support
Account Management
Cost Effective
Mobile Spend

FAQ - Your questions, we have the answers!

My current bundle states “X” GB amount of data, with Curatrix are you saying we can or can’t use more?

There is no limit to how much Data you can use, however, Ofcom Regulations state that all Telecoms resellers must provide mitigation for bill shock.  We’ve taken this further by allowing you to simply pay for what you need, not what you might need…

How much Data can we use?

As much as you like, as long as you authorise it.  Typically, if your organisation uses 40GB a month, that is where we’d set your spend limit.  Once you reach this limit we contact you to let you know and ask whether you’d like to raise the limit.

How quickly can caps be removed?

Once your dedicated person has raised the limit, we apply the changes to the account and typically these changes are endorsed by the network provider within 30 Minutes.

Why haven’t we done this before?

Curatrix are new to this, none of us are salespeople, in fact, we are a Procurement led business and like to think we’ve got you covered.  We built this model, so it is relatively new…but works.

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