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Why work with Curatrix?

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By: Rachel Lancaster


iStock 185288745 Auditel 300x102 - Why work with Curatrix?

Curatrix has a wealth of knowledge in delivering technology solutions to various customers, from simple Wi-Fi installs to complicated networking and infrastructure projects, to critical Backup and Disaster Recovery.

How can working with Curatrix benefit your customers?
We provide agnostic hardware and software advice and carry out ‘mini’ tenders on our client’s behalf. Working with Curatrix will remove substandard solutions immediately and focus on delivering the correct solutions, meaning you get a truly benchmarked service and the correct technical solution.

How can this benefit you?
As the introducer, you’ll receive an ongoing revenue share for the length of the contract.

How do you expose opportunities?
You may be focused on a specific vertical such as Energy. As you’ll know, providing incentives to customers is not allowed by Ofgem, it is why energy companies can now offer broadband under a separate quotation…they recognise that customers want more from one vendor, this is one example…if you are quoting energy, then add Broadband as an additional incentive.

You may be discussing VoIP or legacy telephony, Mobiles and Data – We can provide fully featured compliant PBX for all sectors, for a lower cost than the marketplace currently.

Security – is a hot topic, especially now that GDPR has been live for a few months, has the client covered their Cyber Security requirements? Do they want ONE platform to cover all their requirements?

Is cost a factor?
We own the PBX, we buy wholesale data and mobiles and we can certainly lower costs – we know that fees generated against a percentage of savings are good, however, you can also receive an ongoing revenue too.

What are we doing to advance?
Curatrix Group reinvests a large percentage of profits into people and new technology so that we can offer additional services, lower our overheads and provide you with opportunities to further expose business. We have plans to invest in new hardware, SIP Gateways, replenishment of legacy equipment and keep you abreast of these changes via our monthly bulletin.

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