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Curatrix Communications are an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Wholesale Mobile and Hosted VoIP specialist with locations in Portsmouth, Southampton and Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Our solutions are developed with local clients to ensure complete peace of mind for Service Uptime, Security and Regulatory Compliance.

Our ISP status enables us to directly provision business broadband in Hampshire all the while providing you with regular updates on the installation process directly from the networks, or our own Project teams depending on the type of install.

We are wholesale SIM providers of Vodafone and O2 with agreements in place with EE.  Our flexibility within the supply chain means that we can deliver cost savings to end users without compromising your existing network services.  We are your first and only support call in the event of faults and support issues.

Our delivery partners range from Satellite Communications providers to Canadian telecoms businesses, so whether you are in the North Pole or North Harbour, Curatrix will be able to fulfil your complex communications requirements.

Curatrix Communication Projects Division works directly with commercial landlords, developers and OpenReach to provide a multitude of services that are restricted to a handful of Telecoms providers throughout the Country.  Curatrix can assist in any of the following areas:

  • Network in advance of orders (NIA Copper and fibre)
  • Diversity and resilient  solutions
  • Complex / bespoke network solutions
  • Cabling for refurbishments or redevelopments
  • Repositioning of distribution points, drop wires, poles and internal cabinets
  • Temporary lines for redevelopment sites
  • Connectivity for large events and to remote locations
  • Data Cabling and Management / Wi Fi
  • Wireless Access and Management
  • IP Video Surveillance & Access control & Hosted CCTV- Cloudvision



For more information on how Curatrix Communications can help your business please fill in this form and we will call you back.

Alternatively, call our friendly team on +44 (0)33 3241 2226 or email


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mobile coverage

Pay as You USE

Pay as you use shared Data Bundles Shared Data pools are very popular with businesses as they enable your entire mobile fleet to dip into a larger pool.  This can be the most cost-effective solution for many organisations when compared to users with 3GB bolt-on, but using less than 1GB and 3GB users that go […]

4th December 2018

new legislation

New Legislation Introduced October 2018!

As of 1st October 2018, new legislation has been introduced and will apply to all new contracts, including re-signs, taken out from this date and aims to significantly reduce risk of “bill-shock” for end users. Customers must be given the option to set a limit by account, or MPN at point of sale/renewal and notifications […]

2nd October 2018


Curatrix Extends Business Broadband Offering in Hampshire

We are pleased to announce that we have added SKY Ethernet leased lines to our portfolio of broadband products.  The Curatrix supply chain means we can deliver ethernet and leased line in Hampshire from all of the UK Carrier Networks. What does this mean for your business? Superior Customer Support Faster Response to Enquiries Near […]

25th September 2018